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Building a Community for Veterans: Patriot Place, Tennessee

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The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) is pleased to invite you to participate in a webinar on single- and multi-family affordable housing for veterans. Targeted to veterans, Patriot Place is a community with a mix of affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for up to 75 households within a subdivision/neighborhood setting in Johnson County, Tennessee. The project site is accessible to services and is within 40 minutes of a nationally-ranked VA hospital in Mountain Home, Tennessee. Eastern Eight CDC, the local nonprofit developer of this community, offers a range of affordable housing options in this community including rental, rent-to-own, and self-help homeownership.

Affordability is one of the nation’s biggest housing challenges, for veterans and non-veterans alike. Households who spend over 30 percent of their income on housing costs are considered cost-burdened. Approximately 34 percent of rural veterans in their 20s, and 25 percent of veterans in their 30s have affordability problems. The goal for Patriot Place is to provide veterans with decent, safe, comfortable and affordable housing. Providing housing and needed services for our veterans can be complicated in rural areas due to vast geographies, limited resources, and less social service infrastructure.

Please join us on August 20th to learn more about the challenges faced and steps pursued in this innovative and successful model for serving rural veterans.

This webinar is supported by The Home Depot Foundation. For more information, please email Janice Clark at Janice@ruralhome.org.

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