The Housing Assistance Council is an independent, non-partisan and regularly responds to Congressional committees, Member offices, federal agencies, and policy advocacy coalitions with the research and information needed to make informed policy decisions. Our research work, Rural Data Portal, and Veterans Data Central all provide valuable, educational context to frame the rural policy conversation. If you want to know how a new program or policy could impact America’s small towns and rural places, please don’t hesitate to contact us at policy@ruralhome.org.

Informing Rural Policy and Practice

Rural people and rural communities should have a voice at the table. For 50 years, the Housing Assistance Council has been that voice for the poorest of the poor in the most rural places. Our deeply rooted work drives and informs our policy focus.

HAC’s Rural Housing Policy Priorities

Federal policy has an important and lasting impact on rural places. HAC’s Policy Priorities address top issues currently facing rural communities.


HAC regularly contributes to the national debate on important issues and topics through public comments, positions, and statements.