When a congressional office wants data on rural housing conditions or a federal agency forgets that urban techniques don’t work in rural areas . . . when a coalition of housing organizations needs rural knowledge or a coalition of rural organizations needs housing information . . . when a state government wonders how to meet its rural constituents’ housing needs . . . the Housing Assistance Council speaks out. Through comments on regulations, testimony before congressional committees, partnerships with coalitions, and the like, HAC promotes a strong, effective, and supportive governmental role in rural affordable housing. On this page you will find information about HAC’s policy activities.

HAC does a wonderful job in providing national presence and leadership in Washington and with other national organizations to keep rural housing issues within their focus

– Comment from HAC’s Stakeholder Survey

Policy News from Congress

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Policy News from the Administration
Policy News from Congress

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Policy News from Congress

Final Funding Levels Set for FY 2021

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Policy News from the Administration

HAC’s 2021 Rural Housing Policy Priorities

Federal policy has an important and lasting impact on rural places.…