Helping Build Homes and Communities Across Rural America

Founded in 1971, HAC’s mission is to help rural communities build and preserve decent and affordable housing for low-income people.

Throughout its 50 years, HAC has maintained a special focus on the most underserved, highest need groups and regions, including Central Appalachia, the Border Colonias, the Mississippi Delta and rural Southeast, Native American Lands, and farmworker communities.

What is your Vision for 2071?

We envision a year 2071 in which everyone in rural America has a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home. The Vision 2071 campaign is our commitment to making that vision a reality. You can share your vision and be part of changing the story in rural America at

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HAC at a Glance

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HAC has invested over $340 million into organizations building affordable housing in rural communities.


HAC has assisted in creating over 70,000 homes across rural America.


HAC has provided more than 200,000 hours of training for individuals working to improve rural communities.


HAC has published more than 120 reports, guides and analyses on a wide range of topics and issues that better inform rural strategies.

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