Rural Voices

September 2012: America’s Rural Heroes

The September 2012 of Rural Voices, America’s Rural Heroes.

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Views from Washington

Senator Patty Murray, (D – WA)

Representative Jeff Miller (R – FL)


More Than Their Share
Military veterans gravitate toward rural and exurban areas
Data on Military Veterans
Data on Gulf Era Veterans

Ending Homelessness Among Veterans
A goal to end veteran homelessness by 2015

Canal Street Housing Serves Veterans in Vermont
How local nonprofits partnered with veterans to develop innovative Canal Street Apartments

Local solutions for Veteran Housing in Rural Areas
An interview with Nathaniel Saltz of the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV)

Purple Heart Homes Provides Service Connected Disabled Veterans with Housing Solutions
Purple Heart Homes provides housing solutions for service connected disabled veterans

Veterans Create Sweat Equity with Habitat for Humanity
Habitat affiliates in rural areas help veterans create a sense of community as homeowners and volunteers

Working with Veterans in Rural Tennessee
Community Action Network helps veterans build homes in their communities

VA Loans in Rural and Small Town America
An overview of VA loan activity in rural and small town areas

Meeting the Housing Needs of Veterans Requires Collaboration
By fostering local partnerships and providing national-level information, NLC is working to build better communities for rural veterans

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Rural Voices is not a large enough publication in which to cover all the stories of veteran housing in communities across the country.  Do you have a story from your own community to share on this subject?  Please tell us in the comments below, share your story on Facebook, LinkedIn, or tweet #ruralvets  and help demonstrate the importance of the HOME program to communities across the country.