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Affordable Housing for Rural Veterans

Rural Veterans and Local Nonprofits Receive Housing Support

Funded by The Home Depot Foundation

Washington, D.C., September 21, 2018 – Veterans and their families in eleven rural communities will have better lives, thanks to The Home Depot Foundation and the Housing Assistance Council. The Foundation is awarding grants totaling $306,500 to eleven local nonprofit housing associations around the country to build or preserve housing for veterans in rural America.

The funds are part of The Home Depot Foundation’s Veteran Housing Grants Program, which wascreated to support the development and repair of housing for veterans. Too many American veterans and their families face major housing challenges, aggravated by issues like unemployment, age and service-related disabilities. The Home Depot Foundation is dedicated to giving back to those who have already given so much for our country.

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homedepotfoundationlogoMade possible with the Generous Support of The Home Depot Foundation

Veterans Data Central

A Resource for Informing Strategies to Help Veterans

The Housing Assistance Council (HAC), in partnership with The Home Depot Foundation, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation has created the Affordable Housing for Rural Veterans (AHRV) initiative to provide rural organizations with the technical assistance, training, information, and financial resources they need to improve their ability to serve veterans.

Veterans of the United States military services put their lives in danger to protect their country and its citizens. However, when they return home they are not always able to find housing and access to services in their communities.

Sponsored by:With Generous Support from JP Morgan Chase & Co.

In Partnership with The Home Depot Foundation, JP Morgan Chase Co, and The Wells Fargo Housing Foundation

Past Trainings

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July 13, 2016: VA Specially Adapted Housing Grant Program – Materials: Presentation | Recording | Application

June 8, 2016: VA Housing Resources for Heroes: An In-depth Overview of the VA Home Loan Guaranty Benefit – Materials

May 18, 2016: Serving Our Aging Veterans: A Symposium – Materials

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June 25, 2014: From Service to Shelter, Housing for Veterans in Rural America – Materials

April 22-23, 2014: Housing Seniors and Veterans in Rural America: Preservation, Development, & Services

April 9, 2014: Serving Veterans in Rural America – A Symposium – Summary and Materials

August 28-29, 2013: Housing Seniors and Veterans in Rural America: Preservation, Development and Services – Materials

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State of the Nation's Housing 2012 Report

State of the Nation's Housing 2012


State of the Nation's Housing 2012 Report

The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University released its annual State of the Nation’s Housing report for 2012 on June 14th. This year’s report presents signs of a recovery in the nation’s housing markets. However, the Joint Center cautions that this progress is measured and not evenly experienced across all markets and populations.  Additionally, the study notes that housing affordability problems are at an all-time high, and that housing assistance for low-income families has not kept pace with the demand for affordable housing. The State of the Nation’s Housing report can be accessed from the Joint Center for Housing Studies website at, https://www.jchs.harvard.edu/research/publications/state-nation%E2%80%99s-housing-2012 

The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) is a proud sponsor of the State of Nation’s Housing report.

USDA Multi-Family Fair Housing Occupancy Report FY 2011

USDA’s annual occupancy report for Section 515 and 514/516 rentals states that from April 2010 to May 2011 the total number of Section 515 properties dropped by 270 (about 3,600 apartments) and the number of farmworker properties increased by six.

What Does an Affordable Rural Rental Housing Strategy Look Like?

What Does an Affordable Rural Rental Housing Strategy Look Like?

By Leslie Strauss
May 22, 2012

Affordable housing advocates were happy recently to see the Senate Appropriations Committee tell the U.S. Department of Agriculture to get its act together on rental housing. USDA’s FY12 budget proposed to eliminate funding for the department’s flagship Section 515 rental housing loan program and focus its efforts on the Multi-Family Housing Revitalization Program known as MPR. Then the FY13 budget took the opposite approach, proposing to focus on Section 515 and eliminate funding for MPR. In S.Rpt. 112-163 the frustrated Senate committee “directs the Secretary, conclusively, to determine and articulate an effective long-term strategy to address rural rental housing needs.”

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USDA Multi-Family Fair Housing Occupancy Report FY 2010

According to USDA’s annual occupancy report for tenants in its portfolio properties, from 2009 to 2010 the average incomes of Section 515 and 514/516 tenants rose about 2%. The average is $11,364 for all tenants and $9,388 for tenants with Section 521 Rental Assistance.

Supportive Housing for the Elderly (Section 202)

HUD’s Supportive Housing for the Elderly program was authorized by Section 202 of the Housing Act of 1959, as amended by Section 801 of the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990 (NAHA). The program is often referred to as Section 202. Prior to the 1990 legislation, Section 202 funding was available to developers of housing for both elderly and disabled low-income households. Low-income disabled households are now served through the Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities (Section 811) program.

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Annual Report 2018

About HAC

What is HAC?

The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) has been helping local organizations build affordable homes in rural America since 1971. HAC assists in the development of both single- and multi-family homes and promotes homeownership for working low-income rural families through a self-help, “sweat equity” construction method by emphasizing local solutions, empowerment of people in poverty, reduced dependence, and self-help strategies. HAC offers services to public, nonprofit, and private organizations throughout the rural United States and maintains a special focus on high-need groups and regions, such as: Indian country, the Mississippi Delta, farmworkers, the Southwest border colonias, and Appalachia.

HAC is a nonprofit corporation located in Washington, DC with regional offices in the southeast, midwest, and southwest.

HAC’s Mission

The mission of the Housing Assistance Council is to improve housing conditions for the rural poor, with an emphasis on the poorest of the poor in the most rural places.

2018 Annual Report

Annual Report 2018HAC is pleased to present the 2018 Annual Report, which looks back at our accomplishments and those of our partner organizations over the last year.

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