Rural Voices

Rural Voices: Rural America Celebrates National Homeownership Month

The Summer 1997 issue or Rural Voices celebrates National Homeownership Month across the U.S., and examines other rural housing topics.

Homeownership has been an important focus of national rural housing policy for some time, and has received particular attention in the last two years under President Clinton’s National Homeownership Strategy. This issue of Rural Voices takes its inspiration from National Homeownership Week, June 7-14. Our contributors provide an overview of the week from a national perspective, and a closer look at some of the events that took place in rural areas. A third article describes a homeownership program in Utah called CROWN that provides low-income renters with an option to purchase homes built with Low Income Housing Tax Credit financing.

Other important rural housing topics are also covered in this issue. A feature article explains the special housing needs of persons with AIDS in rural areas, and some ways to address those needs. Provisions of state welfare programs are summarized in a chart compiled by the National Alliance to End Homelessness. The “View from Washington” column explains the current debate about sampling in the 2000 Census, and how it could affect rural housing HAC’s fall regional training sessions are announced in “HAC Facts,” along with a few of HAC’s recent loans and new publications on farm worker housing and joint ventures.