Statement from the HAC Board of Directors on the Retirement of Moises Loza

I write with both sadness and optimism to announce that Moises Loza has decided to retire as Executive Director of the Housing Assistance Council. Moises worked at HAC from 1973 to 1978, and from 1981 to the present. Since becoming HAC’s Executive Director in March 1989, Moises has served as one of the nation’s strongest voices on behalf of affordable housing in rural America. His skilled leadership has enabled HAC to better the lives of many thousands of rural residents. As he departs for his well-earned retirement, he leaves the organization strong and ready for the future.

HAC’s board of directors has established a search committee. More information on the search for a successor will be distributed in the coming weeks. Moises has committed to remain at HAC during this process and to ensure a smooth transition.

On behalf of the entire board, I thank Moises for his dedication, strength, intelligence, and hard work throughout his tenure at HAC. He will be greatly missed.

Andrew Bias
Board Chairman, Housing Assistance Council

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