Department of Veterans Affairs

Health Care for Homeless Veterans, Proposed Rule (published 5/15/14)

Program Health Care for Homeless Veterans
Agency US Department of Veterans Affairs
Action Proposed Rule
Date 5/15/14


VA proposes to amend its regulations concerning eligibility for the Health Care for Homeless Veterans program. HCHV provides per diem payments to non-VA community-based facilities that provide housing, outreach services, case management services, and rehabilitative services, and may provide care and/or treatment to homeless veterans who are enrolled in or eligible for VA health care. The proposed rule would remove the requirement that homeless veterans be diagnosed with a serious mental illness or substance use disorder to qualify for the HCHV program. It would also update the definition of homeless to partially match HUD’s definition. And it would clarify that HCHV services provided by non-VA community-based providers must include case management services, including non-clinical case management, as appropriate.

Comments are due July 14, 2014.