Each issue of HAC’s Rural Voices magazine focuses on a single topic important to rural communities, with subjects ranging from housing for older rural residents to the future of housing finance to citizen-led design. Local rural housing professionals from around the country write most of the articles, sharing their expertise, best practices, and even the mistakes they’ve learned from. To hear when a new issue of the magazine is published, sign up for HAC’s email list or watch for announcements in the HAC News and on social media.

Cover of Rural Voices Volume 2, Issue 1

Rural Voices: New Infrastructure Funds for Rural Housing Developers

Developing land for affordable housing is not easy. Rising land and infrastructure costs make it difficult for developers to create homeownership opportunities for families. Now, in a time of dwindling resources, a new program has been created to purchase and develop sites for self-help housing developers and the families they serve. The Self- Help Homeowners hip Opportunity Program, created by the Housing Opportunity Program Extension Act of 1996, opens the door to more funds for site development.

Volume 1 Number 4

Rural Voices: Self-Help Housing

In the Summer 1996 issue of Rural Voices, Maureen Kennedy, Administrator of the Rural Housing Service, spotlights RHS’s efforts to increase homeownership through their housing programs, and examines the partnerships organizations have farmed to improve homeownership rates.

Volume 1 Number 3

Rural Voices: Robie’s House

In the title article, “Robie’s House,” the Spring 1996 issue of Rural Voices describes one approach to building homes affordably. In addition this issue celebrates the accomplishments of rural programs in both Texas and Vermont. We also highlight the efforts of our rural housing workshop partnet; the Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP), to empower communities and improve infrasftructure. Finally, we have some words to say about the new rules goveming the Community Reinvestment Act and some of the changes affecting the Rural Housing Service’s Section 502 Homeownership program.

Volume 1 Number 2

Rural Voices: 25 Years: A Foundation for the Future

The cover story reviews HAC’s twenty-five year commitment to rural housing and how issues facing the development of affordable housing have been managed. We look at the accomplishments and improvements that have been made; however, we emphasize that all the good work and projects completed over the years have not gotten us to the final stages of solving affordable rural housing dilemmas. Nonetheless, the numerous people who have worked in this field have laid the foundation for a more productive future.

This issue also takes a good look at how some innovative people in Texas are trying to solve the problems that occur in colonias along the U.S/Mexican border; how Native American loan packagers help build links between Indian reservations and federal monies; and how rural housing development’s future is in line with the development of the information superhighway.

Migrant Workers Struggle for Housing - Vol. 1, Issue 1

Rural Voices: Migrant Workers Struggle for Housing

The first issue of Rural Voices highlights the struggles of farmworkers to find decent, affordbale housing in rural America. The magazine also features stories about empowering people through self-help housing and the Government’s direct lending programs.