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HAC News: December 22, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 26 TOP STORIES As social spending bill negotiations go on, refundable Child Tax Credit ends. The Senate will not vote until at least January on the Build […]

HAC News: December 9, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 25 TOP STORIES Federal funding extended to February 18. Hours before a temporary spending measure was set to expire on December 3, Congress passed and President Biden […]

HAC News: November 23, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 24 TOP STORIES House approves Build Back Better Act. On November 19 the House passed the Build Back Better social infrastructure bill, H.R. 5376, which includes about […]

HAC News: November 12, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 23 TOP STORIES Bipartisan infrastructure bill passes, social spending measure still pending. On November 5 the House passed the $550 billion funding measure for traditional infrastructure, including […]

HAC News: October 28, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 22 TOP STORIES President proposes budget reconciliation bill compromise. On October 28, as Congress and the administration continue to negotiate on social services spending, President Biden released […]

HAC News: October 14, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 21 TOP STORIES Some funding needs get short-term solutions in Congress, others still pending. A continuing resolution funds the federal government through December 3 and provides new […]