“Build Smart” Webinar Series Part 2: ‘Scaling Down’ to address rising costs



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‘Scaling Down’ to address rising costs Presentation - Combined-compressed


This webinar, the second in a series designed to share innovative solutions to affordable housing developers dealing with escalating prices and implementing additional regulations, will continue the series by sharing innovative solutions in pilot programs to reduce square footage and overall costs while increasing energy efficiency. Presenters will discuss various partnerships and resources they blended together, including partnerships with Auburn University Rural Studio to design smaller affordable homes that are also 50% more efficient than the average house, keeping energy bills as low as $30 a month. The designs feature innovative use of land and construction that makes the homes affordable. Rural Studio’s Front Porch Initiative continues to scale up the research and housing accessibility work throughout the Southeast, but there is still much to learn about innovative approaches to zoning, mortgage financing, insurance, and home performance. These pilot programs are providing a big step forward in research and ability to share information with a broader constituency of housing providers. Presenters will showcase several projects that are transforming communities and sustaining affordability through development of scalable, agile, and resilient delivery processes for beautiful, well-designed high-performance homes titled as real property while supporting an industry of home building in under-resourced rural communities.



Non-profit housing developers, small affordable housing builders, Tribal entities, rural government entities

Prior Knowledge

Basic knowledge and awareness of home construction/housing development

Learning Objectives

This webinar series will provide affordable housing developers with the information needed to successfully and financially implement smaller-sized homes (under 1,000 sf) that are also well-designed high-performance homes into their construction program.

  1. Introduction to new resources and funding mechanisms for developing smaller-sized homes that ensure affordable price points
  2. Raise awareness and involve community support/resources for your program
  3. Learn from successes and mistakes of peer projects.



Eddie Latimer
Affordable Housing Resources


Rusty Smith
Associate Director
Rural Studio


Sherry Trent
Executive Director
Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation


Additional Information

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