Rural Voices

Winter 2011 – 12: Affordable Rural Senior Housing

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Views from Washington

Affordable Housing and Services for Seniors

by Nancy Libson and Robyn Stone, LeadingAge

AARP Foundation Launching Strategy to Address Housing Needs
by John Carpenter, AARP Foundation


Rehab – Renew: Housing Rehabilitation for Seniors
The Self-Help Home Improvement Project (SHHIP) has developed several products and strategies to assist their primarily senior clientelle in rural California.

Opportunities to Meet the Needs of Seniors in Rural America
Cathedral Square Corporation (CSC), the largest provider of affordable senior housing in Vermont, shares its methods for development.

USDA Rural Development and HAC Work Together to Improve Housing in Rural Iowa
USDA Rural Development in Iowa details several examples of HAC and USDA RD facilitating local development partnerships and projects.

Section 202: Interview with Carolyn Branton
Carolyn Branton, Director of HAC’s Southeast Regional Office, sits down for an interview to discuss the uses of and importance of HUD’s Section 202 program.

Senior Housing in Rural Washington
The story of Catholic Charities Housing Services’ senior housing development, Rose of Mary Terrace from conception in 2003 to completion in 2008.

Reverse Mortgages After the Recession
Learn more about reverse mortgages as they apply to older Americans. What are the advantages, pitfalls and precautions to be aware of when using these loan products.