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The National Leader in Rural Housing Research

For more than four decades HAC has analyzed rural housing markets and disseminated information on housing conditions and characteristics for low-income rural Americans. To improve living conditions in rural areas, housing providers, policymakers and the public need access to reliable information and data. Through HAC’s newsletter, magazines, issue summaries, and library of more than 150 studies and reports on housing issues in rural America, HAC’s research and information constantly evolves to keep partners and policy makers informed.

Comprehensive research, studies, and analysis on a wide range of topics important to rural Americans and their housing.

In Search of "Good" Rural Data Cover Image

In Search of “Good” Rural Data

The Housing Assistance Council has long been working to address…
Rural Prosperity Report Cover

Revealing Rural Realities: What Fuels Inaccurate and Incomplete Coverage of Rural Issues?

This report underscores and articulates how ongoing changes…

A series of Briefs highlighting social, economic and housing issues and data in rural America.

Race and Ethnicity in Rural America - Rural Research Brief
Housing Assistance Council

The United States is Becoming More Racially Diverse – And So is Rural America

Race and ethnicity are central and often complex components of…
Covid-19 in rural America Rural Research Brief Cover - July 31, 2019
Housing Assistance Council

COVID-19 in Rural America: Updated July 31, 2021

The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) presents summary findings…

RURAL RESEARCH BRIEF: Housing Insecurity During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every aspect of life and culture…

Rural Research Notes present summary findings from HAC and other research and analyses on social, economic, and housing characteristics of rural Americans.

Rural Research Note: Covid-19 in Rural America

Rural COVID Cases are Starting to Decline, but the Delta Variant Hit Rural Communities Particularly Hard

The Housing Assistance Council presents updated data on the COVID-19…
Rural America Now Has More Than 5 Million Reported Cases and Over 100,000 Deaths from Covid-19

Rural America Now Has More Than 5 Million Reported Cases and Over 100,000 Deaths from Covid-19

COVID-19 in Rural America - September 1, 2021 As of August 31,…
Housing Assistance Council

Population Growth in Rural America was Small – and Uneven – Between 2010 and 2020

A Census in Rural America 2020 Update Using Census 2010 and…