Infrastructure week to include focus on housing

In advance of Infrastructure Week later this month, Congress is abuzz with talk of an infrastructure package again this week, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Leader Chuck Schumer visiting President Trump at the White House to discuss this opportunity for bipartisan compromise. Housing advocates, including HAC, have long emphasized that housing is infrastructure and that such a package needs to include housing funding and priorities alongside repairs to our nation’s roads and bridges.

And in a letter to the President in advance of the meeting, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer said just that – listing housing among the other infrastructure needs that they hoped to address.

Building on that momentum, House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters held a hearing and released an accompanying bill on housing infrastructure this week. The bill includes funding for a variety of programs, including USDA’s MPR program and Section 504, as well as Native American Housing Block Grants.

The reach of housing investment can be deep and transformative, especially in rural areas. It is an economic driver and a job creator, it improves health and education outcomes, and it gives rural Americans a sense of pride in their community and hope for its future. As these conversations continue in the halls of government, we hope that rural housing continues to be a voice at the table.

After all, we need to invest in both our roads and what’s at the end of them – our homes.