FY 15 Appropriations Bill Status

With the fiscal year 2015 appropriations process in full swing, it can be hard to keep track of how far each bill related to rural housing has advanced. This table is intended to provide a handy shortcut, showing which steps in the appropriations process have been completed, with links to sites where relevant documents and webcasts are posted.

Details about USDA appropriations, including funding levels, are summarized here.

Details about HUD appropriations, including funding levels, are summarized here.

This table was last updated on June 3, 2014.

House Senate Conference Committee President
Subcmte. Committee Full House Subcmte. Committee Full Senate
USDA 5/20 5/29 5/20 5/22
T-HUD 5/7 5/21 6/3 6/5

The official website for legislation, Congress.gov (formerly thomas.loc.gov), provides some of the same information as this summary table, along with some further procedural details, but it does not cover legislation that has not yet been formally introduced – including appropriations bills at the subcommittee level – and there is a delay between congressional action and posting on Congress.gov.

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