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Rural Data Central for RCB Participants


We are excited to invite you to an exclusive demonstration of HAC’s Rural Data Central. This new portal serves as an update to the existing Rural Data Portal and offers a wealth of valuable information on Rural America’s people, places, economy, housing, and more.

During this webinar, we will provide a walkthrough of the Rural Data Central portal, showcase its powerful features, and show you how to sign up. As a valued participant of HAC’s Rural Capacity Building Program, your organization has been selected to be among the first to test this new platform and provide valuable feedback.

The Rural Data Central portal encompasses the following key areas:

  • Rural People and Places: Explore data from the 2020 and 2010 decennial census, offering insights into the people and communities of Rural America.
  • Society: Access data on demographic and social characteristics, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the population.
  • Economy: Gain valuable insights into employment, income, poverty, and other economic characteristics, empowering your organization to make informed decisions.
  • Housing: Explore data on housing characteristics and conditions, enabling a deeper understanding of the affordable housing landscape in your community.
  • Mortgage and Housing Finance: Access data from the CFPB Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, providing valuable information on mortgage and housing finance trends.
  • Federal Assisted Housing: Gain insights into various federally assisted housing programs and resources from HUD and USDA Rural Development.

These data sources have been carefully curated to provide a comprehensive and robust platform for your organization’s needs. By leveraging the Rural Data Central portal, your organization can better understand the affordable housing needs of your community, make informed decisions regarding the type and location of activities, and effectively communicate your story to funders.

Please note that this testing opportunity is exclusively available to organizations actively participating in HAC’s Rural Capacity Building Program and attending this webinar. We highly value your input and feedback as we strive to enhance the portal’s functionality and user experience.

To confirm your attendance for this exclusive demonstration and testing session, please register now.


  • Keith Wiley, Senior Research Associate, Housing Assistance Council
  • Dan Stern, Communications and Outreach Manager, Housing Assistance Council

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This initiative is funded through generous support from US Department of Housing and Urban Development – Rural Capacity Building Program.

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Request for Applications – Intentional Departures: Ensuring Smooth Transitions in Leadership

Join the Housing Assistance Council’s Technical Assistance cohort, “Intentional Departures: Ensuring Smooth Transitions in Leadership,” designed exclusively for participants of HAC’s RCB program. Through this initiative, we offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at facilitating seamless transitions in leadership within rural organizations. By providing valuable strategies and insights, we ensure continuity within your organization, while addressing the challenges faced by staff during leadership changes.

Part 1: Coaching Sessions- Benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions conducted by renowned expert Dr. Kim Hires. Dr. Hires specializes in supporting nonprofit leaders and will offer her expertise to a maximum of 10 individuals currently grappling with challenges, such as burnout and career transitions. These coaching sessions will empower you to overcome obstacles and navigate your professional journey effectively. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with a peer mentor who will provide valuable insights and support throughout your transition.

Part 2: Plan Development- One organization will have the opportunity to develop a Leadership Development Plan, Transition Plan, or Succession Plan tailored to its specific needs and preferences. These plans are crucial for ensuring the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of your nonprofit. By implementing a succession plan for organizational use, a leadership development plan, and a transition plan for nonprofit staff, you’ll demonstrate your dedication to maintaining a healthy and well-functioning structure. Participation in both Part 1, which includes individual coaching sessions, and Part 2, which involves plan development, is required.


By participating in “Intentional Departures,” you’ll gain the following benefits:

  • Valuable strategies and insights to facilitate smooth leadership transitions.
  • Personalized coaching sessions with Dr. Kim Hires to overcome challenges and navigate career transitions.
  • Support from a peer mentor throughout your journey.
  • Tailored plan development to ensure long-term organizational sustainability.


Individual coaching sessions: August 1 to December 31, 2023
Plan development: October 1, 2023 to March 30, 2024


To be eligible for participation in “Intentional Departures: Ensuring Smooth Transitions in Leadership,” you must be a current participant in HAC’s Rural Capacity Building (RCB) program. This exclusive opportunity is specifically designed for rural organizations striving for excellence in leadership transitions.

The deadline for application submission is June 30, 2023, and the cohort will be limited to 10 applicants. Priority consideration will be given to participants who are facing burnout and contemplating retirement or significant life and career changes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ensure seamless leadership transitions within your organization. Apply now and be a part of “Intentional Departures: Ensuring Smooth Transitions in Leadership.” Together, we can build a strong foundation for the future success of your nonprofit.

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Thank you for Building a More Resilient Rural America!

First things first, make sure to download your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Template and accompanying instructions using the links to your right.

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By downloading this template, you have taken a crucial step to improving your organizations’ readiness in the face of natural and man-made disasters. If this is all you need from HAC, that’s great!

However, if you are looking for additional assistance in planning your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery efforts, make sure to reach out to HAC to learn more about our services and what we can do to help.

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