Year 2008

Foreclosure Crisis Hits Rural America, Programs Can Help, Says New HAC Publication

Contact: Leslie Strauss | 202-842-8600, ext. 141 |

Washington, D.C., June 10, 2008 – How is the mortgage foreclosure crisis affecting rural America? How can community organizations help lower income rural families keep their homes? Articles in the spring issue of the Housing Assistance Council’s Rural Voices magazine explain the problem’s rural impact and describes programs that have helped rural families keep their homes.

“Like other housing-related issues, foreclosure and subprime lending are often assumed to be urban problems, but they exist in rural places also,” noted Moises Loza, HAC’s executive director. “Rural, urban, and suburban areas need assistance now and preventive measures for the future.”

In articles written by housing practitioners at the local, state, and national levels, Rural Voices covers the subject from several angles. For example, statewide organizations present data they have collected showing the extent of foreclosure problems in Minnesota and Ohio.

A housing counseling center’s staff describes the issue in Washington state and resources available for homeowners. The National Consumer Law Center provides tips for organizations creating foreclosure prevention counseling programs. Other national organizations summarize legislative, regulatory, and programmatic activities to address the crisis.

“It is important to remember,” Loza said, “that homeownership is still an important and attainable goal for many low-income families. Improving housing conditions for rural Americans requires quality, affordable mortgage products that result in sustainable homeownership as well as housing counseling programs to educate buyers.”

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