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Rental Housing in Rural America Research Brief

Rental Housing in Rural America

In this Rural Research Note, HAC gives an overview of rental housing and renters in rural America. There are more than 17 million people living in approximately 7.1 million renter-occupied homes in rural communities. Nearly 43 percent of rural renters occupy single-family homes – twice the rate of urban renters. Slightly fewer rural renters (41 percent) live in structures of two or more apartments. Housing affordability problems are especially problematic for rural renters. A full 47 percent of rural renters are cost burdened, and nearly half of them are paying more than 50 percent of their monthly incomes for housing. With demographic transformations, the need for adequate and affordable rental housing looms large for many rural communities. Affordable rental options are vitally necessary, yet in short supply in rural America.

Rural Research Note: Rental Housing in Rural America

Rural Economies and Industry Research Brief

Rural Economies and Industry

Rural Economies and Industry

rrn-econ-cover-thbHAC’s seventh Rural Research Note takes a brief look into rural America’s economies and industries. Rural economies, and people in general, are often perceived as being heavily reliant on farming and other natural resource industries. While it is true that the majority of these industries are located in rural places, they employ only 5.5% of rural and small town workers. Overall, the sector-by-sector employment profile of rural America is surprisingly similar to that of suburban and urban America.

This Rural Research Note presents employment data and maps that highlight the similarities, and differences, between rural America and more densely populated regions. Additionally, the effects of large agribusiness are explored within the context of small family farming.

July 2012