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Snapshots of Rural Data

Rural America is a vast and diverse place, with a character all its own. This page includes infographics from Rural Voices Magazine and HAC’s publications which tell a small story in data about a particular slice of rural America.

Duty to Serve Infographic

Duty to Serve in Rural America

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The Duty to Serve program requires the GSEs to help direct investment toward vulnerable people and places. How does that impact rural areas?

demographics infographic 2019

The Demographics of Rural America

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Learn a little bit more about the people of rural America who make up roughly one fifth of the US population.

cra infographic 2019

The Community Reinvestment Act in Rural America

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The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), adopted in 1977, has been a boon to urban community development. How does it work in rural areas?

homeownership infographic 2019

Homeownership in Rural America

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Rates of homeownership in rural areas are generally higher than in urban areas, but many still face challenges.


The Digital Divide in Rural America

Broadband internet access and adoption in rural areas lags behind that of metropolitan areas.


Fair Housing in Rural America – By the Numbers

This infographic reveals trends in rural fair housing complaints as reported from HUD’s FHEO filed cases data, including a look at the number of complaints per year, geography, and the most prevalent complaints by county.

American and Alaska Native (AIAN) Communities at a Glance Infographic

American and Alaska Native (AIAN) Communities at a Glance

A look at the geographic distribution and unique mortgage lending experiences of American and Alaska Native Communities.

Ruralities: The Changing Face of Rural America

Ruralities: The Changing Face of Rural America

A set of maps demonstrate the ways rural America’s demographics and housing are changing.

The Complicated Picture of Rural Homelessness

The Complicated (& largely unknown) Picture of Rural Homelessness (Infographic)

It is often difficult to quantify the number of homeless people who live in rural areas. Here is a look at some of the information we know about this vulnerable population.

rvsummer2015-infographic Page 2

Celebrating 50 Years of helping families help themselves.(8.5″ X 11″ printable pdf)

Celebrating 50 Years of helping families help themselves.(25.5″ X 11″ original document)

Celebrate the accomplishments of USDA’s Self-Help housing program during the 50 years since its founding.


Mortgage Lending and Access in Rural America

Rural communities have different experiences when it comes to accessing and using mortgage markets. This infographic provides a window into some of those experiences.


Poverty in Rural America

Approximately 45 million Americans, or 15 percent of the population, had incomes below the official poverty rate in 2012. In rural America, the poverty rate is above 17 percent with more than 10 million people living in poverty.


The housing crisis and its wake in rural America– (Interactive Prezi)

What was the impact of the housing crisis in rural America?


Children & Youth in Rural America – (Interactive Prezi)


An Aging Rural America (jpg)
MAP – A Demographic Portrait of Seniors in Rural America

#RuralFacts – Rural Data from Taking Stock

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The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) published Taking Stock: Rural People, Poverty and Housing in the 21st Century in December, 2012. This 160 page report features analysis of over of 6,000 data points from the 2010 Census and other sources about rural communities. To highlight the findings from this research as well as issues facing rural communities, HAC will be sharing factoids, images and data from Taking Stock through social media.

This information will be posted on twitter, using the hashtag #ruralfacts (bookmark this link so you can always access this information). If you do not already, follow HAC @RuralHome.

You can also share your comments with HAC on Facebook, LinkedIn or on the Rural Affordable Housing Group.

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