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Connecting the Dots: A Location Analysis of USDA’s Section 515 Rental Housing and Other Federally Subsidized Rental Properties in Rural Areas

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Section 515 program provides more than 400,000 decent, affordable rental homes for rural Americans with low incomes, but many of these rentals are now at risk. Connecting the Dots seeks to inform the debate on preservation of these units. This Housing Assistance Council report examines where Section 515 developments are located with respect to other federally subsidized rentals and reviews their role in their rural communities’ rental housing networks. It discusses the policy implications of HAC’s research findings and makes recommendations.

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The full research report provides broader insights into the colonias region – as well as proposes a definition for industry use. With greater high-cost lending and a poverty rate (27%) nearly twice the national average (15%), colonias communities are worthy of focus and support. Eager to learn more?