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Rural Housing Awards 2021

HAC Celebrates Rural Housing at the 2021 National Rural Housing Conference

As part of the 2021 National Rural Housing Conference, the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) recognized individuals and/or organizations that have, through their continued work and or newly established initiatives, made a positive and lasting impact to affordable housing in rural America.
The Covid pandemic was a paradigm shift that tested the strength, and temerity of communities across the country and one that centered housing, not just as a critical human need, but as a human right. Acknowledging the difficulty of the past year and the many associated inequities revealed, HAC seeks to honor those that leaned into the challenges to create positive impacts in rural America. In doing so, HAC has invited nominations for both individuals and/or organizations who have made outstanding and enduring contribution to affordable housing in rural America. Having faced a number of impediments from a common enemy, and all working towards the betterment of society, HAC seeks to recognize positive contributions from the smallest grassroots and on-the-ground housers and practitioners, to the highest elected offices in the US.
Out of long list of nominees, the Housing Assistance Council is proud to announce the following selectees for a 2021 Rural Housing Service Award:
This award is in recognition of your distinguished service in housing for the rural poor, steadfast commitment to rural communities, and outstanding contributions to those in greatest need in the most rural of places. Please join us in recognizing these esteemed friends of rural America!

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Past Recipients of Rural Housing Awards