About The Conference

The biennial National Rural Housing Conference brings together stakeholders in the field of rural affordable housing from local nonprofits, federal agencies, Congress, state and local governments, and other industry leaders for two-and-a-half days of training, discussion, and networking.

National Rural Housing Conference to Convene Virtually

We’ve had a remarkable year here at the Housing Assistance Council and look forward to finishing the year in that same fashion with HAC’s National Rural Housing Conference, scheduled to take place virtually on November 30 – December 3, 2021. This year’s virtual format will allow us all to reconnect and gather safely, regardless of location. With an exciting and full schedule of workshops and new virtual gathering spaces, the Conference will offer attendees a premier opportunity to learn from experts and connect with the entire affordable housing industry.

Discussion Paper, USDA

REDUCED USDA PRESENCE AND RESOURCES – HOW CAN RURAL HOUSING ORGANIZATIONS ADAPT? Continue the Discussionby Tom Collishaw, Self Help Enterprises, CA, and Selvin McGahee, Florida Non-Profit Housing, FL Background USDA […]

Discussion Paper, Partnerships

PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATION FOR RURAL HOUSING Continue the Discussionby David Haney, Wyoming CD Authority, and Marcia Erickson, GROW South Dakota Background Resources for community and economic development – both human […]

Discussion Paper, Policy

RURAL HOUSING AND PUBLIC POLICY Continue the Discussionby Joe Myer, NCALL Research, DE Background Rural areas are often at a disadvantage when addressing housing and community development needs because they […]