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HAC News: November 16, 2023

Vol. 52, No. 23 TOP STORIES Temporary government funding extended President Biden is expected to sign into law a continuing resolution passed by the House on November 14 and the […]

HAC News: November 2, 2023

Vol. 52, No. 22 TOP STORIES Second continuing resolution needed by November 17 The federal government is currently funded by a continuing resolution that ends November 17, and a second […]

HAC News: October 12, 2023

Vol. 52, No. 21 TOP STORIES Government funded through November 17 On September 30, Congress passed a continuing resolution and the President signed it into law. It funds the federal […]

HAC News: September 28, 2023

Vol. 52, No. 20 TOP STORIES Government may shut down As of Thursday morning, September 28, Congress has not been able to agree on a funding measure to keep the […]

HAC News: September 18, 2023

Vol. 52, No. 19 TOP STORIES Funding disagreements continue, government shutdown possible Given the ongoing differences between factions on Capitol Hill, there may be no continuing resolution to keep the […]