Rural Voices

Winter 2004 – 05: Preserving Rural Rental Housing

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  • View from Washington: Preserving Rural America’s Affordable Rental Housing: Current Issues
  • Rural Rental Housing – Comprehensive Property Assessment and Portfolio Analysis: Final Study Report
  • A Response to the Comprehensive Property Assessment
  • Owner Conversion of Rural Rental Properties to Market Rents: Both Tenants and Owners Turn to the Courts
  • Preservation and the Aging Portfolio: the Owners’ Perspective
  • Preserving and Improving Rural Rental Housing: Promising Efforts Emerge
  • Rural Preservation and Resident-Based Advocacy
  • The State HFA Response to the Affordable Housing Preservation Challenge
  • Lessons from HUD’s Preservation Process
  • Preserving RHS Rural Rental Properties – the Challenge and the Opportunity
  • Window of Opportunity: Preserving Affordable Rental Housing