What We Do

HAC is a national organization focused on funding and building the capacity of rural nonprofits and communities to develop affordable housing in the United States. Through its various services and products, HAC works with organizations in rural communities to help ensure that they have the funding, technical knowledge, training and information they need.


HAC makes short-term loans at below market interest rates to local nonprofits, for profits and government entities developing affordable housing for low-income, rural residents.HAC’s loans enable borrowers to acquire land, pay architectural and environmental fees and cover other costs that arise before construction loans are available. HAC balances careful underwriting and meaningful collateral with flexibility and an understanding that a rural community’s best potential housing developer may begin without significant housing development experience.


thumb_Grand_opening_11Technical Assistance

HAC staff delivers thousands of hours of technical advice each year to organizations and developers improving low-income rural housing. One element of HAC’s assistance is a contract with HUD to help rural Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) use HOME and other funding programs.


HAC sponsors intensive training workshops across the nation, emphasizing housing development, financing, construction and nonprofit management. HAC also regularly convenes the HAC Rural Housing Conference.

hac_rural_defResearch and Information

HAC is the nation’s leading source of information on rural housing. With a library of over 150 studies and reports on a wide range of topics related to rural housing, HAC’s research and information products and services help inform sound housing policy as well as share knowledge with rural housing providers.

Rural Policy

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HAC keeps rural communities informed on public policy issues related to affordable housing. For more information on rural housing policy, subscribe to the HAC News or follow HAC on social media.

Rural Housing Services, Inc.

A HAC subsidiary, Rural Housing Services, Inc. helped create 20 low-income housing tax credit rental projects with almost 800 units in eight states.