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Rural Voices: The Future of Housing Finance in Rural America

This issue of Rural Voices tackles the question “What is the future of housing finance in rural America?” from a variety of perspectives.

View from Washington

The Realities of Housing Finance in Rural America
by Senator Jerry Moran

Private financing is essential, but changes are needed to make it more feasible.


Assessing the Future of Housing Finance Amidst an Ongoing Recovery
by Jonathan Spader, Shannon Rieger, and Christopher Herbert

In considering the future of housing finance in rural communities, it helps to begin with an understanding of the conditions and trends in the housing market

The Secondary Market Works for affordable rural housing
Rural Voices posed a series of questions to two Freddie Mac representatives. Corey Aber works in multifamily housing and Mike Dawson covers single-family housing

Freddie Mac works to help make financing available for single-family and multifamily properties.

There’s Never Been a Better Time for Obtaining Rural Multifamily Financing
by Tim Carpenter

Fannie Mae is optimistic about the potential to support the development of more affordable rural rental housing.

Rural Housing Finance One Size Does Not Fit All
by Sarah Carpenter

State housing finance agencies can help fill gaps to address smaller-scale rural housing needs.

Nonprofits Need Capacity Building to Access Scarce Multifamily Financing
by Michael D. Carroll

An intermediary organization has developed tools to improve local entities’ ability to use the complex financing available.

Access to Financing Is Key to Manufactured Housing’s Potential
by Doug Ryan

Manufactured housing can help expand rural homeownership if financing options are expanded.

Qualified Mortgage Rule is a Win-Win
by Barry Zigas

Recent regulations have improved home mortgage financing for lenders and consumers.

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