Rural Issues

Rural Veterans

Veterans who have served their country deserve safe and affordable housing in the place they choose.

Who are Rural Veterans?

The veteran population is largely composed of those age 55 and over, and a disproportionate number live in rural and small-town areas. These veterans often cannot afford to make repairs to keep their homes safe and accessible.

Veterans Data Central
Learn more about Veterans in your Community

Veterans comprise a diverse group representing all social, economic, and spectrums of society. Veterans Data Central is a simple, easy to use, on-line resource that provides essential information on the social, economic, and housing characteristics of veterans in the United States. These data and information can help support sound strategies and policies to help veterans.

HAC’s Affordable Housing for Rural Veterans

Affordable Housing for Rural Veterans (AHRV) is an initiative funded by The Home Depot Foundation with the sole intent of supporting the development and repair of housing for veterans throughout rural America. AHRV is specifically intended to support bricks and mortar projects that can either be temporary or permanent housing for veterans, depending upon the needs of the local community. Typical projects tend to include homeowner modifications and rehabilitation existing housing, or new construction when necessary.

Updates on Rural Veterans