Jennifer Emerling / There Is More Work To Be Done

New Hollywood Campaign Urges America To Open the Door to Better Homes & Communities

#OpenTheDoor, a campaign by Home Matters, was just launched and features a stop-motion animated video, created by LA-based Jesse Dylan’s Wondros firm, to creatively bring to life – via the eyes of a child playing with her dollhouse – the importance of home’s role in unlocking a person’s potential. Research proves safe homes and communities are linked to better health, education, public safety and local economies. Watch video:


The campaign also features a national search tool that will connect people who want to donate, volunteer or are in need of help, to more than 330 Home Matters supporting organizations across America.

The campaign plans to spark a conversation about the lack of safe homes and livable communities, nationally and locally. America has significant work to do in building better homes and communities. Witha national election looming, Home Matters hopes the video will not only help motivate Americans to care passionately about this critical social issue but also elevate it among policy-makers, and galvanize the private-sector to get more involved.

The MacArthur Foundation and US Bank have sponsored the video.