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It’s time to reauthorize Native American housing

Moises Loza, HAC’s Executive Director, wrote and op-ed for The Hill about the reauthorization of Native American housing programs.

Broken windows, frequent reports of black mold and bed bugs, discarded tires as makeshift roofing, and more than a dozen people crammed together in a crumbling two-bedroom home.

Such housing conditions in Indian country were uncovered last year by the Great Falls Tribune, which noted a housing shortage that “has lingered on U.S. Indian reservations for nearly a century.” As the Executive Director of an organization that has worked to address such issues since 1971, occasional reports of horrific conditions in Indian country are, sadly, not surprising. Such reports are frustrating because we know what works: sustained funding of federal housing programs that meet the unique needs of sovereign Indian nations…

Read the entire piece on The Hill’s website

Trailer in low income section of pine ridge villageTrailer in low income section of pine ridge village