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HAC Comments on HUD's Proposed Rule Change for Mixed-Income Families

In May 2019 HUD proposed a change in regulations that would require public housing authorities and private landlords with HUD-assisted tenants to check tenants’ immigration status and to evict those who are not eligible for HUD aid. (Eligibility is not determined solely by citizenship or undocumented status. Some non-citizens who are legally in the U.S. are eligible and others are ineligible.) Currently, when ineligible immigrants have family members such as citizen children who are eligible, the dollar amount of the assistance is pro-rated and all members of the mixed-status family are allowed to live in the unit. The change would mean ineligible family members would have to separate from their families, or entire families would have to move out of their homes in order to stay together.

HUD received over 30,000 comments on its proposal. HAC submitted comments opposing the change.