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FY09 RD Funds

FY 2009 News about USDA RD Funds

Section 533 Housing Preservation Grant Funds Available, May 11, 2009. Housing Preservation Grants are available for public agencies and nonprofits to repair owner-occupied and rental housing. Deadline is July 10, 2009. See Federal Register, 5/11/09, or Contact a USDA RD state office.

RD Explains Special Considerations for Section 502 Direct Loans Made with Recovery Act Funds, April 10, 2009. Information applicable to Section 502 direct loans made with funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is provided in an unnumbered letter dated April 10, available at or from RD offices.

Funds Available for Most USDA Multifamily Housing and for Household Water Wells, April 29, 2009. Funding availability announcements for Section 515 rental housing new construction , the Multi-family Housing Revitalization Demonstration (MPR) program for Section 515 rental and Section 514/516 farmworker housing, preservation vouchers, and household water well grants will be published in the April 29 Federal Register. The application deadline for Section 515 new construction and MPR will be approximately June 29, and for water well grants it is May 21, 2009. Section 542 vouchers are available on a rolling basis for tenants in Section 515 properties when mortgages are prepaid or foreclosed upon after September 30, 2005.

Section 538 Guarantees for Rental Housing Loans Offered, January 21, 2009. USDA RD will review applications on a rolling basis. FY 2009 funding includes $2 million for 2008 disaster areas. See Federal Register, 1/21/09, Contact an RD state office listed in the FR notice or at

Self-Help Funding Falls Short for FY 09, January 5, 2009. Expecting demand to exceed resources for Section 523 funding again this year, RD will not fund new and predevelopment grants. Existing grantees will receive up to 75% of the amount requested, with the rest obligated later if funds are available. See Unnumbered Letter (January 5, 2009), available at or from RD offices.

RD Offers Household Water Well Grants, Updates Rule, November 20, 2008. Nonprofits can apply by May 31, 2009 for Household Water Well System Grants to establish lending programs. See Federal Register, 11/20/08, pp. 70315-21 or Also, the limit on loans to homeowners will rise from $8,000 to $11,000 unless adverse comments are submitted by December 18. See Federal Register, 11/18/08, pp. 68293-95 and 68364 or Contact Cheryl Francis, 202-720-1937,

If you have trouble accessing any information on HAC’s site only (not RD’s or, please contact Leslie Strauss, 202-842-8600.

Posted:January 24, 2009