RD Data General

Enough is Enough

This has been a terrible week, full of pain and protest. Though further from the headlines, protests in small towns across America have erupted in recognition that racism and injustice must be rooted out of every corner of our country. The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) fights for equity and dismantling racism alongside people marching the rural streets of Whitefish, Palatka, Gunnison, Taylorville, Ruidoso, Cairo, Harlan and countless other places.

HAC believes that peace cannot be found where injustice also resides. We have an obligation to call out the systemic and structural inequities we witness in our work that are cutting short black and brown lives. We will keep a close watch on our own organization and programs to address bias and compensate for inequitable outcomes. We are committed to doing our part to dismantle racism and racist housing policy in partnership with the rural communities where we live, work, and invest our capital.