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45 Years. 45 Stories Cover

45 Years. 45 Stories

We Believe in Rural America

45YearsCoverFor most of our county’s history, the United States was largely a rural nation. That changed sometime in the 1930s when more people began living in and around cities than in the countryside. In the past few decades, the pace of urbanization has accelerated even faster. This fundamental shift is not only in our nation’s demography, but also in our identity and character. What does it mean to live, work, and prosper in 21st century rural America? Rural areas have their share of challenges, some unique, while others are similar to those in the cities and suburbs. But rural citizens also have a strong sense of pride, work ethic, and perseverance.

At the Housing Assistance Council (HAC), we know rural America. For 45 years, HAC has worked to improve the lives and homes of rural Americans all across this land – especially in often forgotten places and among often forgotten populations including Appalachia, the rural South and Mississippi Delta, the Border Colonias, Native American Lands, and migrant and seasonal farmworkers. The following 45 stories represent not only our past accomplishments and efforts over as many years, but also, and possibly more importantly, they offer a glimpse into our activities and aspirations for rural communities today and for the coming 45 years.

We know rural America. More importantly, we believe in rural America.

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