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Annual Report 2013

2013 Annual ReportThe achievements of our partners across rural America are a constant source of inspiration. Even during these trying times when organizations are faced with funding cuts, a struggling economy, and a rural housing market still undergoing recovery, dedicated organizations and individuals work daily to improve the lives of low-income rural residents. HAC looks back at 2013 knowing tangible change can still be accomplished through hard work. HAC’s success is linked to the success of our partners.

HAC’s strong relationships with rural housing providers across the country provide a unique insight into in rural communities’ needs and the challenges they face in meeting those needs. These relationships allow strategies to be adapted in order to work across a diverse landscape. Input from partners helps create appropriate policy and programmatic responses and allows HAC to remain a strong advocate for low income rural families. Loan fund programs, trainings, direct one-on-one technical assistance, research and information products, and analyses of federal housing policies ensure that HAC provides the tools necessary for organizations to continue providing safe, secure, affordable housing across rural America. HAC’s resources build and maintain relationships, and these relationships are critical.

HAC’s 2013 annual report highlights these relationships. Beginning with loan and grant making, HAC’s role as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) allows us to help our local partners build and develop needed affordable housing projects. HAC’s training and technical assistance helps rural housing providers operate effectively and efficiently. And finally, HAC’s research and information provides partners with resources to gain access to data, understand federal policies, and stay up to date on news that impacts rural communities. Each service has its role and value for organizations in the field. HAC looks back on 2013 and recognizes not only the challenges, but also the hard-won successes of our partners. We remain committed to the advancement of local efforts and organizations and the ultimate goal of strengthening rural communities across the United States.