Annual Report


Annual Report 2011

2011 Annual Report HAC was founded in 1971 to improve housing conditions for the poorest of the poor in the most rural of places. At its founding, HAC’s board and staff knew that building the capacity of local communities would be central to meeting this charge, as local groups would not be able to meet […]

Annual Report 2010

2010 Annual Report The housing and financial markets were hard hit in 2010 and this has had a profound impact on the affordable housing sector. With government budgets in the red across the nation, common funding sources are being cut and organizations are scrambling to find new sources of revenue to assist the large number […]

Annual Report 2009

2009 Annual Report The Housing Assistance Council completed another successful year in 2009. Amidst continued economic pressures, HAC has worked to assist the organizations whose constituencies are feeling these financial hardships most acutely. Housing markets across the country are still grappling with high foreclosure rates and many communities are also experiencing double-digit unemployment. In this […]

Annual Report 2008

2008 Annual Report Communities across the nation have been devastated by the current economic crisis. Rising mortgage foreclosure rates, mounting personal debts, and skyrocketing unemployment have increased the need for stable, affordable housing. However, these same economic trends have made it even more difficult for local nonprofits to create needed housing opportunities for low-income residents. […]