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The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) is a national nonprofit that supports affordable housing efforts throughout rural America. Since 1971, HAC has provided below-market financing for affordable housing and community development, technical assistance and training, research and information, and policy formulation to enable solutions for rural communities.

The Latest From the Housing Assistance Council

HAC News: September 2, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 18 TOP STORIES Supreme Court invalidates eviction…

HAC News: August 19, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 17 TOP STORIES Senate passes budget resolution…

Rural Veterans and Local Nonprofits Receive Critical Housing Support

Contact: Shonterria Charleston (202) 842-8600 Rural…

HAC News: September 16, 2021

Vol. 50, No. 19 TOP STORIES Fiscal year 2022 will start with…
A family works on their self-help home in El Milagro. Courtesy of CRHDC.
Courtesy of CRHDC.

Revisiting Rural: The Subdivision that Built a Community

This is the first story in Revisiting Rural, a series which explores…
Policy News from Congress

Updated Sept. 14 – Rural Rental Housing and Repairs for Homeowners Included in Draft Bill

UPDATE September 14, 2021 - More rural housing funding has been…


Should have access to quality homes, neighborhoods, and opportunities like anyone in the United States.


have been left behind because of global economics, disinvestment, exploitation, policy mismatches, or indifference. In 2021, rural Americans are more likely to:
live in poverty,
have lower life expectancy,
reside in a persistently poor region, 
live in substandard housing or inadequate housing
comprehensive and community-based


are needed more than ever to advance equity and progress in
rural America


helps build homes and communities across rural America with 50 years of experience providing: