Winter 2009 - 10: Building a Brighter Future in the Colonias

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  • View from Washington: Bringing Hope to the Colonias
  • The Old Nogales Highway Colonia: A Work in Progress
  • Engaging Communities: One Person at a Time
  • The Nuestra Casa Home Improvement Loan Program and the Old Dream of a Concrete Home
  • Seeking Solutions: The Human Injustice of Colonias Pushes One Nonprofit to Seek Solutions
  • Southwest border of Arizona snd Mexico Colonias News
  • Advocating for Equity in California's Rural communities
  • Protecting the Environment and Creating Affordable Housing
  • USDA Rural Housing Service: A New Direction

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  1. I, too, am out of the loop on these improvements. However, today I came home and, as if by magic, there was isanlution and drywall, although the work done was by far the worst I have ever seen. I can only hope that the tape and spackle erase the seemingly gross ineptitude of the artist formerly known as contractor.I would have preferred a cubist drywall our dining room, rather than the abstract surrealist that assaulted our stately cottage. What are you having done Jon? Good idea John. The pace up here can be ridiculous. The music is great, though. Right Jon? C-